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The People Communities & Culture Around Lake Bunyonyi

The People Communities & Culture Around Lake Bunyonyi In Kabale Uganda

The Islands of Lake Bunyonyi and the close lake surroundings feature the settlement of two tribes – the Bakiga and Batwa. The Batwa people were introduced to the area following their eviction from the forests of Bwindi, Echuya, and Mgahinga.

The Batwa people are indigenous inhabitants of Uganda, and their heritage is rich and worth exploring. Though they were evicted from their homes – forests, the Batwa still possess the last of their fading culture.

Their music dance and drama will definitely mesmerize whoever attempts to incorporate them in his/ her Uganda safari tour package or draw the same into the sorrowful imagination of how their tradition is steadily fading away.

The Bakiga are part of the Bantu group that has tilled the hills of Kigezi for centuries past. They are popularly known for their strength and unmatchable hard work when it comes to cultivation. They have rich traditions too which are worth exploring.

Their energetic dance is impressive while their ancient stories on how the pregnant girls would be dumped on the Punishment Island and left to die will open you to understanding their extreme wrath.

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi?

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi, apparently the deepest lake in Uganda and one of Uganda's most beautiful places?