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Akampene Island

Akampene, Also Called Punishment Island

purnishment-islandAkampene Island/Punishment Island is perhaps the most interesting of the Lake Bunyonyi islands.

It is the place unmarried girls who became pregnant were brought by their fathers or brothers and punished by abandoning them on this island.

Here, they faced one of two possible fates. Any man who did not own sufficient cows to pay for an untainted bride was permitted to fetch the disgraced girl from the island and make her his wife. Failing that, the girl would usually starve to death or die while trying to swim ashore.

For a girl to become pregnant before marriage was shameful to the family. This was a common practice in southwestern Uganda but has long been abandoned!

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Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi, apparently the deepest lake in Uganda and one of Uganda's most beautiful places?