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Bwama & Njuyeera (Sharp’s) Islands

Bwama Island also hides a dark past. And if you visit Lake Bunyonyi on your Uganda tour you’ll undoubtedly hear the tale of Dr. Leonard Sharp, a British missionary that came to Uganda in the 1920s to spread Christianity.

After witnessing the huge impact of leprosy in the region, he established a voluntary isolation center- Leprosy Hospital – on Bwama Island, for people afflicted with Leprosy.

In the 1920s, leprosy was one of the deadly diseases in Uganda.

The disease was often surrounded by terrifying, negative stigmas and tales of leprosy patients being shunned as outcasts.

Kabale was one of the areas with a lot of leprosy sufferers. Today the disease has been eradicated, and the island is more of a tourist destination than anything else.

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi?

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi, apparently the deepest lake in Uganda and one of Uganda's most beautiful places?