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Historic & Cultural Encounters

There are attractive cultural and natural sights like the Bakora cave, the Batwa (pygmies), and the Abaheesi (traditional blacksmiths) communities that are accessible in close proximity. Also visiting islands around the lake like Habuharo, Akempene, and Bucuraniko Island is a memory-catching experience. Here are several Twa villages in the area, but Batwa Today is the most recommended, aiming to deliver a more authentic exchange. Trips head to Echuya Forest, the former home of local Twa, and while there are cultural performances, the experience is less contrived than those offered in Bwindi and Mghahinga. Rather than dwelling on the past, insights are offered from a more current context.

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi?

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi, apparently the deepest lake in Uganda and one of Uganda's most beautiful places?