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Kyahugye Island Of Lake Bunyoynyi

Kahungye is the only island in Lake Bunyonyi where you can see wild animals of Uganda such as Zebras, Impala, Waterbucks, and Kobs.

Centuries ago before missionaries came to Uganda, there lived a man on this island. He diligently worshiped the ancestral spirits in a big shrine and appeased them by sacrificing a cow every year.

One year, the man ran out of cattle, and he failed to meet the demands of the spirits. They got angry and made him mad.  During his state of insanity, visitors to this island always referred to it as the “Crazy Man’s Place”, hence the name Kahungye.

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi?

Want to visit Lake Bunyonyi, apparently the deepest lake in Uganda and one of Uganda's most beautiful places?